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      When working on TimSort (LUCENE-4839), I was a little frustrated of not being able to add galloping support because it would have required to add new primitive operations in addition to compare and swap.

      I started working on a prototype that uses inheritance to allow some sorting algorithms to rely on additional primitive operations. You can have a look at (but beware it is a prototype and still misses proper documentation and good tests).

      I think it would offer several advantages:

      • no more need to implement setPivot and comparePivot when using in-place merge sort or insertion sort,
      • the ability to use faster stable sorting algorithms at the cost of some memory overhead (our in-place merge sort is very slow),
      • the ability to implement properly algorithms that are useful on specific datasets but require different primitive operations (such as TimSort for partially-sorted data).

      If you are interested in comparing these implementations with Arrays.sort, there is a Benchmark class in src/examples.

      What do you think?

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