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Add DrillSideways helper class to Lucene facets module


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      This came out of a discussion on the java-user list with subject
      "Faceted search in OR": http://markmail.org/thread/jmnq6z2x7ayzci5k

      The basic idea is to count "near misses" during collection, ie
      documents that matched the main query and also all except one of the
      drill down filters.

      Drill sideways makes for a very nice faceted search UI because you
      don't "lose" the facet counts after drilling in. Eg maybe you do a
      search for "cameras", and you see facets for the manufacturer, so you
      drill into "Nikon".

      With drill sideways, even after drilling down, you'll still get the
      counts for all the other brands, where each count tells you how many
      hits you'd get if you changed to a different manufacturer.

      This becomes more fun if you add further drill-downs, eg maybe I next drill
      down into Resolution=10 megapixels", and then I can see how many 10
      megapixel cameras all other manufacturers, and what other resolutions
      Nikon cameras offer.


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