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Simplify CategoryDocumentBuilder


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      CategoryDocumentBuilder is used to add facet fields to a document. Today the usage is not so straightforward, and I'd like to simplify it. First, to improve usage but also to make cutover to DocValues easier.

      This clsas does two operations: (1) adds drill-down terms and (2) creates the fulltree payload. Today, since it does it all on terms, there's a hairy TokenStream which does both these operations in one go. For simplicity, I'd like to break this into two steps:

      1. Write a TokenStream which adds the drill-down terms
        • For no associations, terms should be indexed w/ DOCS_ONLY (see LUCENE-4623).
        • With associations, drill-down terms have payload too.
        • So EnhancementsDocumentBuilder should be able to extend this stream.
      2. Write some API which can be used to build the fulltree payload (i.e. populate a byte[]). Currently that byte[] will be written to a payload and later to DV.

      Hopefully, I'd like to have FacetsDocumentBuilder (maybe just FacetsBuilder?) which only handles things with no associations, and EnhancementsDocBuilder which extends whatever is needed to add associations.


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