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possible bug in ConcurrentMergeScheduler.merge(IndexWriter)


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      from dev list:

      ¨i suspect that this code is broken. Lines 331 - 343 in org.apache.lucene.index.ConcurrentMergeScheduler.merge(IndexWriter)

      mergeThreadCount() are currently active merges, they can be at most maxThreadCount, maxMergeCount is number of queued merges defaulted with maxThreadCount+2 and it can never be lower then maxThreadCount, which means that condition in while can never become true.

      synchronized(this) {
      long startStallTime = 0;
      while (mergeThreadCount() >= 1+maxMergeCount) {
      startStallTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
      if (verbose())

      { message(" too many merges; stalling..."); }


      { wait(); }

      catch (InterruptedException ie)

      { throw new ThreadInterruptedException(ie); }


      While confusing, I think the code is actually nearly correct... but I
      would love to find some simplifications of CMS's logic (it's really

      It turns out mergeThreadCount() is allowed to go higher than
      maxThreadCount; when this happens, Lucene pauses
      mergeThreadCount()-maxThreadCount of those merge threads, and resumes
      them once threads finish (see updateMergeThreads). Ie, CMS will
      accept up to maxMergeCount merges (and launch threads for them), but
      will only allow maxThreadCount of those threads to be running at once.

      So what that while loop is doing is preventing more than
      maxMergeCount+1 threads from starting, and then pausing the incoming
      thread to slow down the rate of segment creation (since merging cannot
      keep up).

      But ... I think the 1+ is wrong ... it seems like it should just be
      mergeThreadCount() >= maxMergeCount().


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