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Suggesters: highlighting (explicit markup of user-typed portions vs. generated portions in a suggestion)


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      As a user, I would like the lookup result of the suggestion engine to contain information which allows me to distinguish the user-entered portion from the autocompleted portion of a suggestion. That information can then be used for e.g. highlighting.


      It's trivial if the suggestion engine only applies simple prefix search, as then the user-typed prefix is always a true prefix of the completion. However, it's non-trivial as soon as you use an AnalyzingSuggester, where the completion may (in extreme cases) be quite different from the user-provided input. As soon as case/diacritics folding, script adaptation (kanji/hiragana) come into play, the completion is no longer guaranteed to be an extension of the query. Since the caller of the suggestion engine (UI) generally does not know the implementation details, the required information needs to be passed in the LookupResult.

      Discussion on java-user:

      > I haven't found a simple solution for the highlighting yet,
      > particularly when using AnalyzingSuggester (where it's non-trivial).

      Mike McCandless:

      Ahh I see ... it is challenging in that case. Hmm. Maybe open an issue for this as well, so we can discuss/iterate?


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