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"Memory Leak" in TermsHashPerField memory tracking


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      I am witnessing an apparent leak in the memory tracking used to determine when a flush is necessary.

      Over time, this will result in every single document being flushed into its own segment as the memUsage will remain above the configured buffer size, causing a flush to be triggered after every add/update.

      Best I can figure, this is being caused by TermsHashPerField's tracking of memory usage for postingsHash and/or postingsArray combined with multi-threaded feeding.

      I suspect that the TermsHashPerField's postingsHash is growing in one thread, then, when a segment is flushed, a single, different thread will merge all TermsHashPerFields in FreqProxTermsWriter and then call shrinkHash(). I suspect this call of shrinkHash() is seeing an old postingsHash array, and subsequently not releasing all the memory that was allocated.

      If this is the case, I am also concerned that FreqProxTermsWriter will not write the correct terms into the index, although I have not confirmed that any indexing problem occurs as of yet.

      NOTE: i am witnessing this growth in a test by subtracting the amount or memory allocated (but in a "free" state) by perDocAllocator/byteBlockAllocator/charBlocks/intBlocks from DocumentsWriter.memUsage.get() in IndexWriter.doAfterFlush()
      I will see this stay at a stable point for a while, then on some flushes, i will see this grow by a couple of bytes, and all subsequent flushes will never go back down the the previous state

      I will continue to investigate and post any additional findings


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