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Reducing buffer sizes for TermDocs.



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      From java-dev:

      On Friday 09 September 2005 00:34, Doug Cutting wrote:
      > Paul Elschot wrote:
      > > I suppose one of these cases are when many terms are used in a query.
      > > Would it be easily possible to make the buffer size for a term iterator
      > > depend on the numbers of documents to be iterated?
      > > Many terms only occur in a few documents, so this could be a
      > > nice win on total buffer size for the many terms case.
      > This would not be too difficult.
      > Look in SegmentTermDocs.java.  The buffer may be allocated when the
      > parent's stream is first cloned, but clone() won't allocate a buffer if
      > the source hasn't had a buffer allocated yet, and nothing should perform
      > i/o directly on the parent's freqStream, so in practice a buffer should
      > not be allocated until the first read is performed on the clone.

      I tried delaying the buffer allocation in BufferedIndexInput by
      using this clone() method:

        public Object clone()

      {     BufferedIndexInput clone = (BufferedIndexInput)super.clone();     clone.buffer = null;     clone.bufferLength = 0;     clone.bufferPosition = 0;     clone.bufferStart = getFilePointer();     return clone;   }

      With this all term document iterators seem to be empty, no
      query in the test cases gives any results, for example TestDemo
      and TestBoolean2.
      As far as I can see, this delaying should work, but it doesn't and
      I have no idea why.

      End of quote from java-dev.

      Doug replied that at a glance this clone method looks good.
      Without this delayed buffer allocation, a reduced buffer size
      for TermDocs cannot be implemented easily.


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