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Check for broken documentation links in hudson


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      Mike added a cool script to dev-tools ( that checks
      all local links in our documentation.

      I think we really need to check this in hudson and fail on any errors, for these reasons:

      • javadocs external linking is really broken, so 'ant javadocs' doesnt find all errors.
        for example you can do this:
          {@link java.lang.JavaDocsSucks}

        and nothing will ever give you any warning: just a broken link. thats because javadocs
        external linking is fundamentally package-driven, broken by design for compile-time
        verification of correctness.

      • some documentation files have internal href links which should be checked to be correct.
      • this checker finds broken html links like unescaped slashes that we currently don't catch.
      • this checker finds real API bugs that javadocs won't warn about, such as protected methods
        returning package-private classes and so on.

      Once we fix the broken links we should be able to enforce all of this stuff in hudson, helping
      to prevent our documentation from growing wildly out of date.

      1. LUCENE-4011-solr-links.patch
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