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regex support in queryparser needs documented, and called out in CHANGES.txt


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      Spun off of LUCENE-2604 where everyone agreed this needed done, but no one has done it yet, and rmuir didn't want to leave the issue open...

      some issues were pointed out in a recent mailing list thread that definitely seem like they should be addressed before this is officially released...

      • queryparsersyntax.xml doesn't mention this feature at all – as major new syntax is should really get it's own section with an example showing the syntax
      • queryparsersyntax.xml's section on "Escaping Special Characters" needs to mention that '/' is a special character

      Also: Given that Yury encountered some real world situations in which the new syntax caused problems with existing queries, it seems like we should definitely make a note about this possibility more promonient ... i'm not sure if it makes sense in MIGRATE.txt but at a minimum it seems like the existing CHANGES.txt entry should mention it, maybe something like...

      * LUCENE-2604: Added RegexpQuery support to QueryParser. Regular expressions
        are now directly supported by the standard queryparser using the syntax... 
           fieldName:/expression/ OR /expression against default field/
        Users who wish to search for literal "/" characters are advised to 
        backslash-escape or quote those characters as needed. 
        (Simon Willnauer, Robert Muir)




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