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FastVectorHighlighter: IDF-weighted terms for ordered fragments



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      The FastVectorHighlighter uses for every term found in a fragment an equal weight, which causes a higher ranking for fragments with a high number of words or, in the worst case, a high number of very common words than fragments that contains all of the terms used in the original query.

      This patch provides ordered fragments with IDF-weighted terms:

      total weight = total weight + IDF for unique term per fragment * boost of query;

      The ranking-formula should be the same, or at least similar, to that one used in org.apache.lucene.search.highlight.QueryTermScorer.

      The patch is simple, but it works for us.

      Some ideas:

      • A better approach would be moving the whole fragments-scoring into a separate class.
      • Switch scoring via parameter
      • Exact phrases should be given a even better score, regardless if a phrase-query was executed or not
      • edismax/dismax-parameters pf, ps and pf^boost should be observed and corresponding fragments should be ranked higher


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