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Incorrect sort by Numeric values for documents missing the sorting field


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      While sorting results over a numeric field, documents which do not contain a value for the sorting field seem to get 0 (ZERO) value in the sort. (Tested against Double, Float, Int & Long numeric fields ascending and descending order).
      This behavior is unexpected, as zero is "comparable" to the rest of the values. A better solution would either be allowing the user to define such a "non-value" default, or always bring those document results as the last ones.

      Example scenario:
      Adding 3 documents, 1st with value 3.5d, 2nd with -10d, and 3rd without any value.
      Searching with MatchAllDocsQuery, with sort over that field in descending order yields the docid results of 0, 2, 1.

      Asking for the top 2 documents brings the document without any value as the 2nd result - which seems as a bug?


        1. SortByDouble.java
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          Gilad Barkai
        2. LUCENE-3390-inverted.patch
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          Uwe Schindler
        3. LUCENE-3390-fix-like-trunk.patch
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          Uwe Schindler
        4. LUCENE-3390-fix-like-trunk.patch
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          Uwe Schindler
        5. LUCENE-3390-fix-like-trunk.patch
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          Uwe Schindler
        6. LUCENE-3390-fix-like-trunk.patch
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          Uwe Schindler
        7. LUCENE-3390-BitsInterface.patch
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          Uwe Schindler
        8. LUCENE-3390-BitsInterface.patch
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          Doron Cohen
        9. LUCENE-3390-BitsInterface.patch
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          Uwe Schindler
        10. LUCENE-3390.patch
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          Doron Cohen

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