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IndexWriter applies wrong deletes during concurrent flush-all


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      Yonik uncovered this with the TestRealTimeGet test: if a flush-all is
      underway, it is possible for an incoming update to pick a DWPT that is
      stale, ie, not yet pulled/marked for flushing, yet the DW has cutover
      to a new deletes queue. If this happens, and the deleted term was
      also updated in one of the non-stale DWPTs, then the wrong document is
      deleted and the test fails by detecting the wrong value.

      There's a 2nd failure mode that I haven't figured out yet, whereby 2
      docs are returned when searching by id (there should only ever be 1
      doc since the test uses updateDocument which is atomic wrt

      Yonik verified the test passes pre-DWPT, so my guess is (but I
      have yet to verify) this test also passes on 3.x. I'll backport
      the test to 3.x to be sure.


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