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Break out StorableField from IndexableField



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      In the field type branch we have strongly decoupled
      Document/Field/FieldType impl from the indexer, by having only a
      narrow API (IndexableField) passed to IndexWriter. This frees apps up
      use their own "documents" instead of the "user-space" impls we provide
      in oal.document.

      Similarly, with LUCENE-3309, we've done the same thing on the
      doc/field retrieval side (from IndexReader), with the

      But, maybe we should break out StorableField from IndexableField,
      such that when you index a doc you provide two Iterables – one for the
      IndexableFields and one for the StorableFields. Either can be null.

      One downside is possible perf hit for fields that are both indexed &
      stored (ie, we visit them twice, lookup their name in a hash twice,
      etc.). But the upside is a cleaner separation of concerns in API....


        1. LUCENE-3312-DocumentIterators-uwe.patch
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          Uwe Schindler
        2. lucene-3312-patch-01.patch
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          Nikola Tankovic
        3. lucene-3312-patch-02.patch
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          Nikola Tankovic
        4. lucene-3312-patch-03.patch
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          Nikola Tankovic
        5. lucene-3312-patch-04.patch
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          Nikola Tankovic
        6. lucene-3312-patch-05.patch
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        7. lucene-3312-patch-06.patch
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        8. lucene-3312-patch-07.patch
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          Nikola Tankovic
        9. lucene-3312-patch-08.patch
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          Nikola Tankovic
        10. lucene-3312-patch-09.patch
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          Nikola Tankovic
        11. lucene-3312-patch-10.patch
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          Nikola Tankovic
        12. lucene-3312-patch-11.patch
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          Nikola Tankovic
        13. lucene-3312-patch-12.patch
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        14. lucene-3312-patch-12a.patch
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          Nikola Tankovic
        15. lucene-3312-patch-13.patch
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          Nikola Tankovic
        16. lucene-3312-patch-14.patch
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          Nikola Tankovic
        17. LUCENE-3312-reintegration.patch
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          Uwe Schindler
        18. LUCENE-3312-reintegration.patch
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          Uwe Schindler

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