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Move 'good' contrib/queries classes to Queries module


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      With the Queries module now filled with the FunctionQuery stuff, we should look at closing down contrib/queries. While not a huge contrib, it contains a number of pretty useful classes and some that should go elsewhere.

      Heres my proposed plan:

      • similar.* -> suggest module
      • regex.* -> queries module
      • BooleanFilter -> queries module under .filters package
      • BoostingQuery -> queries module
      • ChainedFilter -> queries module under .filters package
      • DuplicateFilter -> queries module under .filters package
      • FieldCacheRewriteMethod -> This doesn't belong in this contrib or the queries module. I think we should push it to contrib/misc for the time being. It seems to have quite a few constraints on when its useful. If indeed CONSTANT_SCORE_AUTO rewrite is better, then I dont see a purpose for it.
      • FilterClause -> class inside BooleanFilter
      • FuzzyLikeThisQuery -> suggest module. This class seems a mess with its Similarity hardcoded. With all that said, it does seem to do what it claims and with some cleanup, it could be good.
      • TermsFilter -> queries module under .filters package
      • SlowCollated* -> They can stay in the module till we have a better place to nuke them.

      One of the implications of the above moves, is that the xml-query-parser, which supports many of the queries, will need to have a dependency on the queries module. But that seems unavoidable at this stage.


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