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rename SegmentInfos.FORMAT_3_1 and improve description in CheckIndex


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      A 3.2 user recently asked if something was wrong because CheckIndex was reporting his (newly built) index version as...

      Segments file=segments_or numSegments=1 version=FORMAT_3_1 [Lucene 3.1]

      It seems like there are two very confusing pieces of information here...

      1) the variable name of SegmentInfos.FORMAT_3_1 seems like poor choice. All other FORMAT_* constants in SegmentInfos are descriptive of the actual change made, and not specific to the version when they were introduced.

      2) whatever the name of the FORMAT_* variable, CheckIndex is labeling it "Lucene 3.1", which is missleading since that format is alwasy used in 3.2 (and probably 3.3, etc...).

      I suggest:
      a) rename FORMAT_3_1 to something like "FORMAT_SEGMENT_RECORDS_VERSION"
      b) change CheckIndex so that the label for the "newest" format always ends with " and later" (ie: "Lucene 3.1 and later") so when we release versions w/o a format change we don't have to remember to manual list them in CheckIndex. when we do make format changes and update CheckIndex " and later" can be replaced with " to X.Y" and the new format can be added


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