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Make CFS appendable


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      Currently CFS is created once all files are written during a flush / merge. Once on disk the files are copied into the CFS format which is basically a unnecessary for some of the files. We can at any time write at least one file directly into the CFS which can save a reasonable amount of IO. For instance stored fields could be written directly during indexing and during a Codec Flush one of the written files can be appended directly. This optimization is a nice sideeffect for lucene indexing itself but more important for DocValues and LUCENE-3216 we could transparently pack per field files into a single file only for docvalues without changing any code once LUCENE-3216 is resolved.


        1. LUCENE-3218_3x.patch
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          Simon Willnauer
        2. LUCENE-3218_test_fix.patch
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          Simon Willnauer
        3. LUCENE-3218_tests.patch
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          Robert Muir
        4. LUCENE-3218.patch
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          Simon Willnauer
        5. LUCENE-3218.patch
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          Simon Willnauer
        6. LUCENE-3218.patch
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          Simon Willnauer
        7. LUCENE-3218.patch
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          Simon Willnauer
        8. LUCENE-3218.patch
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          Simon Willnauer
        9. LUCENE-3218.patch
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          Simon Willnauer
        10. LUCENE-3218.patch
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          Simon Willnauer

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