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Post grouping faceting


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      This issues focuses on implementing post grouping faceting.

      • How to handle multivalued fields. What field value to show with the facet.
      • Where the facet counts should be based on
        • Facet counts can be based on the normal documents. Ungrouped counts.
        • Facet counts can be based on the groups. Grouped counts.
        • Facet counts can be based on the combination of group value and facet value. Matrix counts.

      And properly more implementation options.

      The first two methods are implemented in the SOLR-236 patch. For the first option it calculates a DocSet based on the individual documents from the query result. For the second option it calculates a DocSet for all the most relevant documents of a group. Once the DocSet is computed the FacetComponent and StatsComponent use one the DocSet to create facets and statistics.

      This last one is a bit more complex. I think it is best explained with an example. Lets say we search on travel offers:

      hotel departure_airport duration
      Hotel a AMS 5
      Hotel a DUS 10
      Hotel b AMS 5
      Hotel b AMS 10

      If we group by hotel and have a facet for airport. Most end users expect (according to my experience off course) the following airport facet:
      AMS: 2
      DUS: 1

      The above result can't be achieved by the first two methods. You either get counts AMS:3 and DUS:1 or 1 for both airports.


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