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Remove benchmark/lib/xml-apis.jar - JVM 1.5 already contains the required JAXP 1.3 implementation


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      On LUCENE-2957, Uwe wrote:

      xml-apis.jar is not needed with xerces-2.9 and Java 5, as Java 5 already has these interface classes (JAXP 1.3). Xerces 2.11 needs it, because it ships with Java 6's JAXP release (containing STAX & Co. not available in Java 5).

      On the #lucene IRC channel, Uwe also wrote:

      since we are on java 5 since 3.0
      we have the javax APIs already available in the JVM
      xerces until 2.9.x only needs JAXP 1.3
      so the only thing you need is xercesImpl.jar
      and serializer.jar
      serializer.jar is shared between all apache xml projects, dont know the exact version number
      ok you dont need it whan you only parse xml
      as soon as you want to serialize a dom tree or result of an xsl transformation you need it
      but if we upgrade to latest xerces we need it [the xml-apis jar] again unless we are on java 6
      so the one shipped with xerces 2.11 is the 1.4 one
      because xerces 2.11 supports Stax


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