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Collapse Searcher/Searchable/IndexSearcher; remove contrib/remote; merge PMS into IndexSearcher


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      We've discussed cleaning up our *Searcher stack for some time... I
      think we should try to do this before releasing 4.0.

      So I'm attaching an initial patch which:

      • Removes Searcher, Searchable, absorbing all their methods into IndexSearcher
      • Removes contrib/remote
      • Removes MultiSearcher
      • Absorbs ParallelMultiSearcher into IndexSearcher (ie you can now
        pass useThreads=true, or a custom ES to the ctor)

      The patch is rough – I just ripped stuff out, did search/replace to
      IndexSearcher, etc. EG nothing is directly testing using threads with
      IndexSearcher, but before committing I think we should add a
      newSearcher to LuceneTestCase, which randomly chooses whether the
      searcher uses threads, and cutover tests to use this instead of making
      their own IndexSearcher.

      I think MultiSearcher has a useful purpose, but as it is today it's
      too low-level, eg it shouldn't be involved in rewriting queries: the
      Query.combine method is scary. Maybe in its place we make a higher
      level class, with limited API, that's able to federate search across
      multiple IndexSearchers? It'd also be able to optionally use thread
      per IndexSearcher.


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