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Directory createOutput and openInput should take an IOContext

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      Today for merging we pass down a larger readBufferSize than for searching because we get better performance.

      I think we should generalize this to a class (IOContext), which would hold the buffer size, but then could hold other flags like DIRECT (bypass OS's buffer cache), SEQUENTIAL, etc.

      Then, we can make the DirectIOLinuxDirectory fully usable because we would only use DIRECT/SEQUENTIAL during merging.

      This will require fixing how IW pools readers, so that a reader opened for merging is not then used for searching, and vice/versa. Really, it's only all the open file handles that need to be different – we could in theory share del docs, norms, etc, if that were somehow possible.


        1. LUCENE-2793_final.patch
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          Simon Willnauer
        2. LUCENE-2793.patch
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          Simon Willnauer
        3. LUCENE-2793.patch
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          Simon Willnauer
        4. LUCENE-2793.patch
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          Varun Thacker
        5. LUCENE-2793.patch
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
        10. LUCENE-2793.patch
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          Varun Thacker
        11. LUCENE-2793.patch
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          Varun Thacker
        12. LUCENE-2793.patch
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          Simon Willnauer
        13. LUCENE-2793.patch
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          Varun Thacker
        14. LUCENE-2793.patch
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          Varun Thacker
        15. LUCENE-2793.patch
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
        26. LUCENE-2793.patch
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          Varun Thacker
        27. LUCENE-2793.patch
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          Jason Rutherglen
        28. LUCENE-2793-nrt.patch
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          Michael McCandless

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