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merge LuceneTestCase and LuceneTestCaseJ4


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      We added Junit4 support, but as a separate test class.

      So unfortunately, we have two separate base classes to maintain: LuceneTestCase and LuceneTestCaseJ4.
      This creates a mess and is difficult to manage.

      Instead, I propose a single base test class that works both junit3 and junit4 style.

      I modified our LuceneTestCaseJ4 in the following way:

      • the methods to run are not limited to the ones annotated with @Test, but also any void no-arg methods that start with "test", like junit3. this means you dont have to sprinkle @Test everywhere.
      • of course, @Ignore works as expected everywhere.
      • LuceneTestCaseJ4 extends TestCase so you dont have to import static Assert.* to get all the asserts.

      for most tests, no changes are required. but a few very minor things had to be changed:

      • setUp() and tearDown() must be public, not protected.
      • useless ctors must be removed, such as TestFoo(String name) { super(name); }
      • LocalizedTestCase is gone, instead of
        public class TestQueryParser extends LocalizedTestCase {

        it is now

        public class TestQueryParser extends LuceneTestCase {
      • Same with MultiCodecTestCase: (LuceneTestCase.MultiCodecTestCaseRunner.class}

      I only did the core tests in the patch as a start, and i just made an empty LuceneTestCase extends LuceneTestCaseJ4.

      I'd like to do contrib and solr and rename this LuceneTestCaseJ4 to only a single class: LuceneTestCase.

      1. LUCENE-2642.patch
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        Robert Muir
      2. LUCENE-2642.patch
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        Robert Muir
      3. LUCENE-2642-extendAssert.patch
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        Uwe Schindler
      4. LUCENE-2642-fixes.patch
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        Uwe Schindler



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