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IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse setup


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      Setting up Lucene/Solr in IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse can be time-consuming.

      The attached patches add a new top level directory dev-tools/ with sub-dirs idea/ and eclipse/ containing basic setup files for trunk, as well as top-level ant targets named "idea" and "eclipse" that copy these files into the proper locations. This arrangement avoids the messiness attendant to in-place project configuration files directly checked into source control.

      The IDEA configuration includes modules for Lucene and Solr, each Lucene and Solr contrib, and each analysis module. A JUnit run configuration per module is included.

      The Eclipse configuration includes a source entry for each source/test/resource location and classpath setup: a library entry for each jar.

      For IDEA, once ant idea has been run, the only configuration that must be performed manually is configuring the project-level JDK. For Eclipse, once ant eclipse has been run, the user has to refresh the project (right-click on the project and choose Refresh).

      If these patches is committed, Subversion svn:ignore properties should be added/modified to ignore the destination IDEA and Eclipse configuration locations.

      Iam Jambour has written up on the Lucene wiki a detailed set of instructions for applying the 3.X branch patch for IDEA: http://wiki.apache.org/lucene-java/HowtoConfigureIntelliJ


        1. LUCENE-2611_eclipse.patch
          13 kB
          Robert Muir
        2. LUCENE-2611_intellij_fix_codestyle.patch
          8 kB
          Steven Rowe
        3. LUCENE-2611_intellij_fix_codestyle.patch
          9 kB
          David Smiley
        4. LUCENE-2611_mkdir.patch
          0.6 kB
          Robert Muir
        5. LUCENE-2611_test_2.patch
          2 kB
          Steven Rowe
        6. LUCENE-2611_test.patch
          16 kB
          Robert Muir
        7. LUCENE-2611_test.patch
          12 kB
          Steven Rowe
        8. LUCENE-2611_test.patch
          7 kB
          Robert Muir
        9. LUCENE-2611_test.patch
          3 kB
          Robert Muir
        10. LUCENE-2611.patch
          83 kB
          Steven Rowe
        11. LUCENE-2611.patch
          74 kB
          Steven Rowe
        12. LUCENE-2611.patch
          74 kB
          Steven Rowe
        13. LUCENE-2611.patch
          75 kB
          Steven Rowe
        14. LUCENE-2611.patch
          71 kB
          Steven Rowe
        15. LUCENE-2611.patch
          72 kB
          Steven Rowe
        16. LUCENE-2611.patch
          69 kB
          Steven Rowe
        17. LUCENE-2611.patch
          66 kB
          Steven Rowe
        18. LUCENE-2611-branch-3x.patch
          82 kB
          Steven Rowe
        19. LUCENE-2611-branch-3x.patch
          73 kB
          Steven Rowe
        20. LUCENE-2611-branch-3x.patch
          71 kB
          Steven Rowe
        21. LUCENE-2611-branch-3x.patch
          69 kB
          Steven Rowe
        22. LUCENE-2611-branch-3x.patch
          68 kB
          Steven Rowe
        23. LUCENE-2611-branch-3x-part2.patch
          27 kB
          Steven Rowe
        24. LUCENE-2611-part2.patch
          28 kB
          Steven Rowe
        25. utf8.patch
          1 kB
          David Smiley



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