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Consolidate all (Solr's & Lucene's) analyzers into modules/analysis


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      We've been wanting to do this for quite some time now... I think, now that Solr/Lucene are merged, and we're looking at opening an unstable line of development for Solr/Lucene, now is the right time to do it.

      A standalone module for all analyzers also empowers apps to separately version the analyzers from which version of Solr/Lucene they use, possibly enabling us to remove Version entirely from the analyzers.

      We should also do LUCENE-2309 (decouple, as much as possible, indexer from the analysis API), but I don't think that issue needs to block this consolidation.

      Once we do this, there is one place where our users can find all the analyzers that Solr/Lucene provide.


        1. LUCENE-2413_capitalize_phonetic.patch
          77 kB
          Robert Muir
        2. LUCENE-2413_commongrams.patch
          12 kB
          Robert Muir
        3. LUCENE-2413_coreAnalyzers.patch
          252 kB
          Robert Muir
        4. LUCENE-2413_coreUtils.patch
          69 kB
          Robert Muir
        5. LUCENE-2413_folding.patch
          9 kB
          Robert Muir
        6. LUCENE-2413_htmlstrip.patch
          5 kB
          Robert Muir
        7. LUCENE-2413_icu.patch
          58 kB
          Robert Muir
        8. LUCENE-2413_keep_hyphen_trim.patch
          19 kB
          Robert Muir
        9. LUCENE-2413_keyword.patch
          36 kB
          Robert Muir
        10. LUCENE-2413_mockfilter.patch
          40 kB
          Robert Muir
        11. LUCENE-2413_mockfilter.patch
          36 kB
          Robert Muir
        12. LUCENE-2413_pattern.patch
          37 kB
          Robert Muir
        13. LUCENE-2413_porter.patch
          52 kB
          Robert Muir
        14. LUCENE-2413_removeDups.patch
          6 kB
          Robert Muir
        15. LUCENE-2413_synonym.patch
          6 kB
          Robert Muir
        16. LUCENE-2413_teesink.patch
          16 kB
          Robert Muir
        17. LUCENE-2413_test4.patch
          86 kB
          Robert Muir
        18. LUCENE-2413_testanalyzer.patch
          363 kB
          Robert Muir
        19. LUCENE-2413_testanalyzer.patch
          363 kB
          Robert Muir
        20. LUCENE-2413_tests2.patch
          39 kB
          Robert Muir
        21. LUCENE-2413_tests3.patch
          21 kB
          Robert Muir
        22. LUCENE-2413_wdf.patch
          20 kB
          Robert Muir
        23. LUCENE-2413-charfilter.patch
          9 kB
          Robert Muir
        24. LUCENE-2413-dir-and-package-fixes.patch
          7 kB
          Steven Rowe
        25. LUCENE-2413-PFAW+LF.patch
          24 kB
          Uwe Schindler

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