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improve BaseTokenStreamTestCase to test end()


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      If offsetAtt/end() is not implemented correctly, then there can be problems with highlighting: see LUCENE-2207 for an example with CJKTokenizer.

      In my opinion you currently have to write too much code to test this.

      This patch does the following:

      • adds optional Integer finalOffset (can be null for no checking) to assertTokenStreamContents
      • in assertAnalyzesTo, automatically fill this with the String length()

      In my opinion this is correct, for assertTokenStreamContents the behavior should be optional, it may not even have a Tokenizer. If you are using assertTokenStreamContents with a Tokenizer then simply provide the extra expected value to check it.

      for assertAnalyzesTo then it is implied there is a tokenizer so it should be checked.

      the tests pass for core but there are failures in contrib even besides CJKTokenizer (apply Koji's patch from LUCENE-2207, it is correct). Specifically ChineseTokenizer has a similar problem.


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