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Backwards problems with CharStream and Tokenizers with custom reset(Reader) method



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      When reviewing the new CharStream code added to Tokenizers, I found a
      serious problem with backwards compatibility and other Tokenizers, that do
      not override reset(CharStream).

      The problem is, that e.g. CharTokenizer only overrides reset(Reader):

        public void reset(Reader input) throws IOException {
          bufferIndex = 0;
          offset = 0;
          dataLen = 0;

      If you reset such a Tokenizer with another CharStream (not a Reader), this
      method will never be called and breaking the whole Tokenizer.

      As CharStream extends Reader, I propose to remove this reset(CharStream
      method) and simply do an instanceof check to detect if the supplied Reader
      is no CharStream and wrap it. We could also remove the extra ctor (because
      most Tokenizers have no support for passing CharStreams). If the ctor also
      checks with instanceof and warps as needed the code is backwards compatible
      and we do not need to add additional ctors in subclasses.

      As this instanceof check is always done in CharReader.get() why not remove
      ctor(CharStream) and reset(CharStream) completely?

      Any thoughts?

      I would like to fix this somehow before RC4, I'm, sorry


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