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Enable MultiTermQuery's constant score mode to also use BooleanQuery under the hood


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      When MultiTermQuery is used (via one of its subclasses, eg
      WildcardQuery, PrefixQuery, FuzzyQuery, etc.), you can ask it to use
      "constant score mode", which pre-builds a filter and then wraps that
      filter as a ConstantScoreQuery.

      If you don't set that, it instead builds a [potentially massive]
      BooleanQuery with one SHOULD clause per term.

      There are some limitations of this approach:

      • The scores returned by the BooleanQuery are often quite
        meaningless to the app, so, one should be able to use a
        BooleanQuery yet get constant scores back. (Though I vaguely
        remember at least one example someone raised where the scores were
      • The resulting BooleanQuery can easily have too many clauses,
        throwing an extremely confusing exception to newish users.
      • It'd be better to have the freedom to pick "build filter up front"
        vs "build massive BooleanQuery", when constant scoring is enabled,
        because they have different performance tradeoffs.
      • In constant score mode, an OpenBitSet is always used, yet for
        sparse bit sets this does not give good performance.

      I think we could address these issues by giving BooleanQuery a
      constant score mode, then empower MultiTermQuery (when in constant
      score mode) to pick & choose whether to use BooleanQuery vs up-front
      filter, and finally empower MultiTermQuery to pick the best (sparse vs
      dense) bit set impl.


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