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LogMergePolicy should use the number of deleted docs when deciding which segments to merge


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      I found that IndexWriter.optimize(int) method does not pick up large segments with a lot of deletes even when most of the docs are deleted. And the existence of such segments affected the query performance significantly.

      I created an index with 1 million docs, then went over all docs and updated a few thousand at a time. I ran optimize(20) occasionally. What saw were large segments with most of docs deleted. Although these segments did not have valid docs they remained in the directory for a very long time until more segments with comparable or bigger sizes were created.

      This is because LogMergePolicy.findMergeForOptimize uses the size of segments but does not take the number of deleted documents into consideration when it decides which segments to merge. So, a simple fix is to use the delete count to calibrate the segment size. I can create a patch for this.


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