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ShingleMatrixFilter eaily throws StackOverFlow as the complexity of a matrix grows


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      ShingleMatrixFilter#next makes a recursive function invocation when the current permutation iterator is exhausted or if the current state of the permutation iterator already has produced an identical shingle. In a not too complex matrix this will require a gigabyte sized stack per thread.

      My solution is to avoid the recursive invocation by refactoring like this:

      public Token next(final Token reusableToken) throws IOException {
          assert reusableToken != null;
          if (matrix == null) {
            matrix = new Matrix();
            // fill matrix with maximumShingleSize columns
            while (matrix.columns.size() < maximumShingleSize && readColumn()) {
              // this loop looks ugly
          // this loop exists in order to avoid recursive calls to the next method
          // as the complexity of a large matrix
          // then would require a multi gigabyte sized stack.
          Token token;
          do {
            token = produceNextToken(reusableToken);
          } while (token == request_next_token);
          return token;
        private static final Token request_next_token = new Token();
         * This method exists in order to avoid reursive calls to the method
         * as the complexity of a fairlt small matrix then easily would require
         * a gigabyte sized stack per thread.
         * @param reusableToken
         * @return null if exhausted, instance request_next_token if one more call is required for an answer, or instance parameter resuableToken.
         * @throws IOException
        private Token produceNextToken(final Token reusableToken) throws IOException {


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