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Wildcards, ORs etc inside Phrase queries


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      An extension to the default QueryParser that overrides the parsing of PhraseQueries to allow more complex syntax e.g. wildcards in phrase queries.

      The implementation feels a little hacky - this is arguably better handled in QueryParser itself. This works as a proof of concept for much of the query parser syntax. Examples from the Junit test include:

      checkMatches("\"j* smyth~\"", "1,2"); //wildcards and fuzzies are OK in phrases
      checkMatches("\"(jo* -john) smith\"", "2"); // boolean logic works
      checkMatches("\"jo* smith\"~2", "1,2,3"); // position logic works.

      checkBadQuery("\"jo* id:1 smith\""); //mixing fields in a phrase is bad
      checkBadQuery("\"jo* \"smith\" \""); //phrases inside phrases is bad
      checkBadQuery("\"jo* [sma TO smZ]\" \""); //range queries inside phrases not supported

      Code plus Junit test to follow...


        1. ComplexPhraseQueryParser.java
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          Mark Harwood
        2. junit_complex_phrase_qp_07_21_2009.patch
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          Adriano Crestani
        3. junit_complex_phrase_qp_07_22_2009.patch
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          Luis Alves
        4. LUCENE-1486.patch
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          Ahmet Arslan
        5. LUCENE-1486.patch
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          Tomas Eduardo Fernandez Lobbe
        6. LUCENE-1486.patch
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        7. LUCENE-1486.patch
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        8. LUCENE-1486.patch
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        9. LUCENE-1486.patch
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          Mark Harwood
        10. LUCENE-1486.patch
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          Mark Miller
        11. Lucene-1486 non default field.patch
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          Mark Harwood
        12. TestComplexPhraseQuery.java
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          Mark Harwood

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