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add getFinalOffset() to TokenStream


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      If you add multiple Fieldable instances for the same field name to a document, and you then index those fields with TermVectors storing offsets, it's very likely the offsets for all but the first field instance will be wrong.

      This is because IndexWriter under the hood adds a cumulative base to the offsets of each field instance, where that base is 1 + the endOffset of the last token it saw when analyzing that field.

      But this logic is overly simplistic. For example, if the WhitespaceAnalyzer is being used, and the text being analyzed ended in 3 whitespace characters, then that information is lost and then next field's offsets are then all 3 too small. Similarly, if a StopFilter appears in the chain, and the last N tokens were stop words, then the base will be 1 + the endOffset of the last non-stopword token.

      To fix this, I'd like to add a new getFinalOffset() to TokenStream. I'm thinking by default it returns -1, which means "I don't know so you figure it out", meaning we fallback to the faulty logic we have today.

      This has come up several times on the user's list.


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