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      Some improvements to the Changes.html generated by the script via the 'changes-to-html' ant task:

      1. Simplified the Simple stylesheet (removed monospace font specification) and made it the default. The Fancy stylesheet is really hard for me to look at (yellow text on light blue background may provide high contrast with low eye strain, but IMHO it's ugly).
      2. Moved the monospace style from the Simple stylesheet to a new stylesheet named "Fixed Width"
      3. Fixed syntax errors in the Fancy stylesheet, so that it displays as intended.
      4. Added <span style="attrib"> to change attributions.
      5. In the Fancy and Simple stylesheets, change attributions are colored dark green.
      6. Now properly handling change attributions in CHANGES.txt that have trailing periods.
      7. Clicking on an anchor to expand its children now changes the document location to show the children.
      8. Hovering over anchors now causes a tooltip to be displayed - either "Click to expand" or "Click to collapse" - the tooltip changes appropriately after a collapse or expansion.
      1. LUCENE-1256.patch
        9 kB
        Steve Rowe
      2. LUCENE-1256.patch
        9 kB
        Steve Rowe
      3. LUCENE-1256.patch
        10 kB
        Steve Rowe
      4. LUCENE-1256.patch
        13 kB
        Steve Rowe
      5. LUCENE-1256.patch
        12 kB
        Doron Cohen
      6. LUCENE-1256.patch
        13 kB
        Steve Rowe

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