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a lexicon object for merging spellchecker and synonyms from stemming


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      Some Lucene features need a list of referring word. Spellchecking is the basic example, but synonyms is an other use. Other tools can be used smoothlier with a list of words, without disturbing the main index : stemming and other simplification of word (anagram, phonetic ...).
      For that, I suggest a Lexicon object, wich contains words (Term + frequency), wich can be built from Lucene Directory, or plain text files.
      Classical TokenFilter can be used with Lexicon (LowerCaseFilter and ISOLatin1AccentFilter should be the most useful).
      Lexicon uses a Lucene Directory, each Word is a Document, each meta is a Field (word, ngram, phonetic, fields, anagram, size ...).
      Above a minimum size, number of differents words used in an index can be considered as stable. So, a standard Lexicon (built from wikipedia by example) can be used.
      A similarTokenFilter is provided.
      A spellchecker will come soon.
      A fuzzySearch implementation, a neutral synonym TokenFilter can be done.
      Unused words can be remove on demand (lazy delete?)

      Any criticism or suggestions?

      1. aphone+lexicon.patch
        336 kB
        Mathieu Lecarme
      2. aphone+lexicon.patch
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        Mathieu Lecarme



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