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Clean up old JIRA issues in component "Search"



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      A list of all JIRA issues in component "Search" that haven't been updated in 2007:

      • LUCENE-737 Provision of encryption/decryption services API to support Field.Store.Encrypted
      • LUCENE-711 BooleanWeight should size the weights Vector correctly
      • LUCENE-691 Bob Carpenter's FuzzyTermEnum refactoring
      • LUCENE-671 Hashtable based Document
      • LUCENE-668 Incremental Search
      • LUCENE-663 New feature rich higlighter for Lucene.
      • LUCENE-655 field queries does not work as expected
      • LUCENE-640 [PATCH] Performance improvement for doNext() of ConjunctionScorer
      • LUCENE-628 Intermittent FileNotFoundException for .fnm when using rsync
      • LUCENE-582 Don't throw TooManyClauses exception
      • LUCENE-548 Sort bug using ParallelMultiSearcher
      • LUCENE-538 Using WildcardQuery with MultiSearcher, and Boolean MUST_NOT clause
      • LUCENE-533 SpanQuery scoring: SpanWeight lacks a recursive traversal of the query tree
      • LUCENE-524 Current implementation of fuzzy and wildcard queries inappropriately implemented as Boolean query rewrites
      • LUCENE-522 SpanFuzzyQuery
      • LUCENE-517 norm compression breaks ranking for small fields
      • LUCENE-507 CLONE -[PATCH] remove unused variables
      • LUCENE-504 FuzzyQuery produces a "java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException" in PriorityQueue.initialize if I use Integer.MAX_VALUE as BooleanQuery.MaxClauseCount
      • LUCENE-502 TermScorer caches values unnecessarily
      • LUCENE-495 Suggested Patches to MultiPhraseQuery and QueryTermExtractor (for use with HighLighter)
      • LUCENE-476 BooleanQuery add public method that returns number of clauses this query
      • LUCENE-466 Need QueryParser support for BooleanQuery.minNrShouldMatch
      • LUCENE-459 Warnings needed for sorting on non existant or non indexed fields
      • LUCENE-445 Contrib.: Thread-safe DelayCloseIndexSearcher.
      • LUCENE-434 Lucene database bindings
      • LUCENE-427 PrefixQuery.extractTerms() missing
      • LUCENE-423 thread pool implementation of parallel queries
      • LUCENE-421 Numeric range searching with large value sets
      • LUCENE-420 [PATCH] Contribution: Did you mean...
      • LUCENE-411 [PATCH] BitSetQuery, FastPrefixQuery, FastWildcardQuery and FastQueryParser
      • LUCENE-406 sort missing string fields last
      • LUCENE-379 Contribution: Efficient Sorting of DateField/DateTools Encoded Timestamp Long Values
      • LUCENE-329 Fuzzy query scoring issues
      • LUCENE-320 [PATCH] Increases visibility of methods/classes from protected/package level to public
      • LUCENE-314 [PATCH] Filter for one/ multiple refinements search: filter the search with anterior hits
      • LUCENE-308 add "isClosed()" method to IndexSearcher
      • LUCENE-271 Query.toString() and Query.toString(String field) not escaping special characters
      • LUCENE-124 Fuzzy Searches do not get a boost of 0.2 as stated in "Query Syntax" doc
      • LUCENE-42 [PATCH] Phonetic Search capability
      • LUCENE-38 RangeQuery without lower term and inclusive=false skips blank fields




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