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Clean up old JIRA issues in component "Index"



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      A list of all JIRA issues in component "Index" that haven't been updated in 2007:

      • LUCENE-737 Provision of encryption/decryption services API to support Field.Store.Encrypted
      • LUCENE-705 CompoundFileWriter should pre-set its file length
      • LUCENE-685 Extract interface from IndexWriter
      • LUCENE-671 Hashtable based Document
      • LUCENE-652 Compressed fields should be "externalized" (from Fields into Document)
      • LUCENE-639 [PATCH] Slight performance improvement for readVInt() of IndexInput
      • LUCENE-606 Change behavior of ParallelReader.document(int)
      • LUCENE-602 [PATCH] Filtering tokens for position and term vector storage
      • LUCENE-600 ParallelWriter companion to ParallelReader
      • LUCENE-570 Expose directory on IndexReader
      • LUCENE-552 NPE during mergeSegments
      • LUCENE-532 [PATCH] Indexing on Hadoop distributed file system
      • LUCENE-518 document field lengths count analyzer synonym overlays
      • LUCENE-517 norm compression breaks ranking for small fields
      • LUCENE-508 SegmentTermEnum.next() doesn't maintain prevBuffer at end
      • LUCENE-506 Optimize Memory Use for Short-Lived Indexes (Do not load TermInfoIndex if you know the queries ahead of time)
      • LUCENE-505 MultiReader.norm() takes up too much memory: norms byte[] should be made into an Object
      • LUCENE-402 addition of a previous() method to TermEnum
      • LUCENE-401 [PATCH] fixes for gcj target.
      • LUCENE-382 [PATCH] Document update contrib (Play with term postings or .. to a easy way to update)
      • LUCENE-362 [PATCH] Extension to binary Fields that allows fixed byte buffer
      • LUCENE-336 [PATCH] Add ability to specify the segment name when optimizing an index
      • LUCENE-325 [PATCH] new method expungeDeleted() added to IndexWriter
      • LUCENE-211 [Patch] replace DocumentWriter with InvertedDocument for performance
      • LUCENE-112 [PATCH] Add an IndexReader implementation that frees resources when idle and refreshes itself when stale




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