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Token re-use API breaks back compatibility in certain TokenStream chains



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      In scrutinizing the new Token re-use API during this thread:


      I realized we now have a non-back-compatibility when mixing re-use and
      non-re-use TokenStreams.

      The new "reuse" next(Token) API actually allows two different aspects
      of re-use:

      1) "Backwards re-use": the subsequent call to next(Token) is allowed
      to change all aspects of the provided Token, meaning the caller
      must do all persisting of Token that it needs before calling
      next(Token) again.

      2) "Forwards re-use": the caller is allowed to modify the returned
      Token however it wants. Eg the LowerCaseFilter is allowed to
      downcase the characters in-place in the char[] termBuffer.

      The forwards re-use case can break backwards compatibility now. EG:
      if a TokenStream X providing only the "non-reuse" next() API is
      followed by a TokenFilter Y using the "reuse" next(Token) API to pull
      the tokens, then the default implementation in TokenStream.java for
      next(Token) will kick in.

      That default implementation just returns the provided "private copy"
      Token returned by next(). But, because of 2) above, this is not
      legal: if the TokenFilter Y modifies the char[] termBuffer (say), that
      is actually modifying the cached copy being potentially stored by X.

      I think the opposite case is handled correctly.

      A simple way to fix this is to make a full copy of the Token in the
      next(Token) call in TokenStream, just like we do in the next() method
      in TokenStream. The downside is this is a small performance hit. However
      that hit only happens at the boundary between a non-reuse and a re-use


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