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Behavior on hard power shutdown


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    • 2.4
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    • Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition, Sun Hotspot Java 1.5

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      When indexing a large number of documents, upon a hard power failure (e.g. pull the power cord), the index seems to get corrupted. We start a Java application as an Windows Service, and feed it documents. In some cases (after an index size of 1.7GB, with 30-40 index segment .cfs files) , the following is observed.

      The 'segments' file contains only zeros. Its size is 265 bytes - all bytes are zeros.
      The 'deleted' file also contains only zeros. Its size is 85 bytes - all bytes are zeros.

      Before corruption, the segments file and deleted file appear to be correct. After this corruption, the index is corrupted and lost.

      This is a problem observed in Lucene 1.4.3. We are not able to upgrade our customer deployments to 1.9 or later version, but would be happy to back-port a patch, if the patch is small enough and if this problem is already solved.


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