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Lucene file deletion seems to hang on Windows Server


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    • 8.3
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    • core/other
    • Windows Server 2019 16Go RAM 8vCPU

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      Hi everyone,


      Firstly, i would like to apologize if it's not the right spot to post my issue, but it's been month me and my team are stuck on this.

      We're using an ElasticSearch cluster for months now. Sometimes, a nodes is just getting stuck for a unknown reason.

      When i'm trying to check threads contention, i'm getting this stackTrace : 


      Elastic_hot threads

      It seems that the inner file deletion is getting stuck by something .. In my opinion, a deletion is an atomic operation so i can't figured it out how it can hangs forever. I need to restart ElasticSearch to have my node back (i have to kill the process actually). I disabled Antivirus and backup process on these servers and still getting these errors randomly 2 or 3 times per month.

      Do you have any clue on what i should care about ?


      Thank you for your help




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