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      From sourceforege - Tor Hovland - torhovl


      I understand that you do not want to throw exceptions
      from within the logging methods, as a failure in log4net
      would make the hosting app fail.

      However, I think it is necessary that DOMConfigurator
      throws exceptions. If a failure occurs at that point, for
      example due to a malformed configuration file, I believe
      the hosting app would in most cases like to know. Even
      if it doesn't, it could easily just swallow any exceptions.

      In my case, I have a Windows Service app that will just
      quit logging if there is an error in the configuration file.
      That makes the logging mechanism rather more fragile
      than I would like.

      Tor Hovland - torhovl

      I completely agree. I suggest that you take an additional
      step and provide an additional mechanism, perhaps a
      ValidateLoggers() method which operates like a standard
      logging call, but is capable of throwing exceptions or
      providing another form of feedback which would allow the
      caller to diagnose bad configurations. The configuration
      file can be well-formed, but logging can still fail for any
      number of reasons.

      Most applications that provide a logging mechanism employ a
      'start-up banner' log entry at an INFO level. This would be
      a great time to detect any problems with the logging system
      itself. I currently have a project deployed at a customer
      site and despite a well formed config file... no logging is
      taking place. I don't know why, and there does not seem to
      be a simple way to diagnose the problem.

      Ben Newman - benjamin91

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