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log4j java date wise log every X MB



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      a log roll over that makes a new file every x MB/ KB but the current file is archived with a full date-time-random-int-to-make unique stamp

      so if the file is myProj_A.log after x MB is renamed to
      myProj_A_2010_09_10_02_48_02_XX34334.log (year-month-day- time ...) and so on

      Is there a pattern/ property to do this already?

      can see http://www.simonsite.org.uk/ and http://www.simonsite.org.uk/javadoc/org/apache/log4j/appender/TimeAndSizeRollingAppender.html here the code is a little mixed up (we want test and real code in seperate src roots) - and not sure if it works completely but it says it does. but it has our requirements.

      Code should write out buffer in bits instead of blocking for a long time emptying full buffer when buffer is full Or is that done by nio ?

      build and run script to test with params to control logging, number of threads, amount of data logged so we can see that the logs are rolling as planned we want the final roller to roll every day but can keep that as hour and minute params (so final will be 24 hours and 0 minutes, but for testing can be 5 minutes only, similarly size can be in KB) also need format of file name with prefix for folder so the root log folder can be c:\log then we specify the dynamic sub folder like yyyy\mm\dd meaning make sub folders for current year, inside that for month and inside that for day and finally the file name format with a prefix like myApp_{yyyy_mm_dd_HH_II_SS) and post fix so the final file will be in folder (example) C:\log\2010\10\29\myApp_2010_10_29_14_34_22_randXYZ.txt where randXYZ stand for some random text that is added to make the file name unique (as required or can use java inbuilt getTempFile function ...)


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