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Are license headers really mandatory in every source file?


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      The Release FAQ says "Every source file must contain the appropriate ASF License text."

      The question often comes up if that really means MUST and if it means every single file in SVN or with a source distribution when a release is being made.

      I can't find any links now but thought i remember being told some years ago on legal-discuss was that the top level LICENSE file covers everything anyway so the individual license headers aren't strictly necessary especially for source files without significant IP. Could we get a opinion here on if thats true? So for example things like short README files perhaps don't need a license header or files without significant IP where the header can be problematic for some reason.

      Any opinions here either way?


        ant elder created issue -
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        Comment [ Oops, this is wrong:

        "But please note that an ICLA is not a grant of copyright to Apache. "

        I meant:

        "But please note that an ICLA is not an assignment of copyright to Apache. "

        Craig L Russell made changes -
        Comment [ And the same for downstream users. Apache grants copyright but doesn't assign copyright to downstream users. ]


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