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Component Lead Description
Agora stefano Stefano Mazzocchi Agora is a virtual community visualizer
Cloud stevel@apache.org Steve Loughran >This project aims to be an architecture, testing and documentation project for integrating Apache applications on top of outsourced or privately hosted cloud computing infrastructures. It's aim is to enhance existing code to work better in this environment, provide some of the glue needed to manage them, and test the resulting Apache Cloud Computing Edition stack in some of the slowly emerging cloud infrastructures. It is multi-language, as a production system will need to intergate with mod_proxy, CouchDB, as well as the Apache Java portfolio. It will target Linux and other Unix platforms underneath only, and package and test on those systems.
Consite farra J Aaron Farr Radiant extensions for the ApacheCon websites
CWIKI brainlounge Bernd Fondermann Requests for Apache committers for labs cwiki karma. See http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/labs/Home.
Dungeon elecharny Emmanuel Lecharny Yet Another Compiler Compiler
dworker pquerna Paul Querna Distributed low latency jobs system in C
ErrBase david.blevins@visi.com David Blevins Auto creates and updates an error message base using i18n files
Esqueranto williamstw Tim Williams A CQL grammar
Fluid ppoddar@apache.org Pinaki Poddar Persistence of XML schema, Service Data Objects (SDO) using OpenJPA.
Helpdesk jani@apache.org jan iversen jani
Magma s.gianni Simone Gianni Magma Lab, see http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/labs/Magma
Mavibot elecharny Emmanuel Lecharny MVCC B+Tree implementation in Java
mboxer brettporter Brett Porter
Noggit yonik@apache.org Yonik Seeley Streaming JSON parser
Penihip crossley David Crossley
Speedyfeed rooneg Garrett Rooney Utilities for on-demand optimization of Atom feeds
Vysper brainlounge Bernd Fondermann An XMPP Server
webarch fielding Roy T. Fielding Web Architecture Lab
webarch-http fielding Roy T. Fielding HTTP specification issues
webarch-uri fielding Roy T. Fielding URI specification issues
webarch-waka fielding Roy T. Fielding waka specification issues