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Improve performance of MRv2 engine by making each mapper handles a configured number of records



    • Type: Improvement
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    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: v1.5.0, v1.5.1
    • Fix Version/s: v1.5.3
    • Component/s: Job Engine
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      In the current version of MRv2 build engine, each mapper handles one block of the flat hive table (stored in sequence file). This has two major problems:

      1. It's difficult for user to control the parallelism of mappers for each cube.
        User can change "dfs.block.size" in kylin_hive_conf.xml, however it's a global configuration and cannot be override using "override_kylin_properties" introduced in KYLIN-1534.
      2. May encounter mapper execution skew due to a skew distribution of each block's records number.
        This is a more severe problem since FactDistinctColumn and InMemCubing step of MRv2 is very cpu intensive in map task. To give you a sense of how bad it is, one of our cube's FactDistinctColumnStep takes ~100min in total with average mapper time only 11min. This is because there exists several skewed map tasks which handled 10x records than average map task. And the InMemCubing steps failed because the skewed mapper tasks hit "mapred.task.timeout".

      To avoid skew to happen, we'd better make each mapper handles a configurable number of records instead of handles a sequence file block. The way we achieved this is to add a `RedistributeFlatHiveTableStep` right after "FlatHiveTableStep".

      Here's what RedistributeFlatHiveTableStep do:
      1. we run a select count(1) from intermediate_table to determine the `input_rowcount` of this build

      2. we run a insert overwrite table intermediate_table select * from intermediate_table distribute by rand() to evenly distribute records to reducers.

      The number of reducers is specified as "input_rowcount / mapper_input_rows" where `mapper_input_rows` is a new parameter for user to specify how many records each mapper should handle. Since each reducer will write out its records into one file, we're guaranteed that after RedistributeFlatHiveTableStep, each sequence file of FlatHiveTable contains around mapper_input_rows. And since the followed up job's mapper handles one block of each sequence file, they won't handle more than mapper_input_rows.

      The added RedistributeFlatHiveTableStep usually takes a small amount of time compared to other steps, but the benefit it brings is remarkable. Here's what performance improvement we saw:

      cube FactDistinctColumn before RedistributeFlatHiveTableStep FactDistinctColumn after
      case#1 51.78min 8.40min 13.06min
      case#2 95.65min 2.46min 26.37min

      And since mapper_input_rows is a kylin configuration, user can override it for each cube.


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