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RPC negotiation from Impala to Kudu fails


    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Minor
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.4.0
    • Fix Version/s: n/a
    • Component/s: impala
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      4.4.0-72-generic #93~14.04.1-Ubuntu


      When connecting to Kudu from Impala (impalad version 2.8.0-cdh5.11.1) I am able to successfully use DDL queries to create tables in Impala backed by Kudu. eg:

      CREATE TABLE test_kudu (id BIGINT, name STRING, PRIMARY KEY (id)) PARTITION BY HASH (id) PARTITIONS 2 STORED AS KUDU TBLPROPERTIES ('kudu.table_name' = 'test_kudu', 'kudu.master_addresses' = '''kudu.num_tablet_replicas' = '1' );

      This successfully creates the table in Kudu, However when I try and query this table, I get this error in the impala shell:

      [88b9db42e0f5:21000] > SELECT * FROM test_kudu; 
      Query: select * FROM test_kudu Query submitted at: 2018-02-09 00:21:35 (Coordinator: http://88b9db42e0f5:25000) Query progress can be monitored at: http://88b9db42e0f5:25000/query_plan?query_id=2d4d36eb33927a47:a126dfb200000000 WARNINGS: Unable to create Kudu client: Invalid argument: Could not connect to the cluster: Client connection negotiation failed: client connection to unable to find SASL plugin: PLAIN

      In Kudu logs I see:

      W0209 00:37:16.345537 18193 negotiation.cc:300] Failed RPC negotiation. Trace: 0209 00:37:16.345315 (+ 0us) reactor.cc:446] Submitting negotiation task for server connection from 0209 00:37:16.345364 (+ 49us) server_negotiation.cc:167] Beginning negotiation 0209 00:37:16.345365 (+ 1us) server_negotiation.cc:355] Waiting for connection header 0209 00:37:16.345494 (+ 129us) negotiation.cc:291] Negotiation complete: Network error: Server connection negotiation failed: server connection from BlockingRecv error: Recv() got EOF from remote (error 108)

       Sometimes the negotiation proceeds further, but never successfully completes and always ends with the same EOF error.




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