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Make sure the local console is fully working before the user can type commands


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      The console bundle starts early as it contains jline, gogo and karaf specific console interfaces and tools that all commands need.

      The problem with this is that the user can start typing commands before all commands are started. So it can happen that a command is not available at that point. This leads to (from the user point of view) errors in completion and when executing commands.

      So the idea is to still start the console bundle early but make sure the shell is only opened when all commands are started.

      As commands often use blueprint to startup we can not simply check the bundle status as it will be active before the commands are activated.

      So one option to improve the situation is to split the shell starting from the rest of console and do it in a separate bundle with a high start level. So most of the commands would be present. Still because of the blueprint startup we could miss some bundles.

      Another option is to start a thread that somehow watches the start of the bundles and that opens the shell when all bundles are really active. We could use the new status checking from the bundle module that also can watch spring-dm and blueprint status. The advantage with this aproach is that we could display the live startup status while waiting.
      We could also allow the user to press e.g. enter to open the console at any point.

      So for example we could show something like this:

      Karaf startup ...
      Press Enter to open a shell now
      Bundles started (11/78), 3 failures




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