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Duplicate offsets after transaction index append failure



    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: 2.0.2, 2.1.2, 2.2.1
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      We have encountered a situation in which an ABORT marker was written successfully to the log, but failed to be written to the transaction index. This prevented the log end offset from being incremented. This resulted in duplicate offsets when the next append was attempted. The broker was using JBOD and we would normally expect IOExceptions to cause the log directory to be failed. That did not seem to happen here and the duplicates continued for several hours.

      Unfortunately, we are not sure what the cause of the failure was. Significantly, the first duplicate was also the first ABORT marker in the log. Unlike the offset and timestamp index, the transaction index is created on demand after the first aborted transction. It is likely that the attempt to create and open the transaction index failed. There is some suggestion that the process may have bumped into the open file limit. Whatever the problem was, it also prevented log collection, so we cannot confirm our guesses.

      Without knowing the underlying cause, we can still consider some potential improvements:

      1. We probably should be catching non-IO exceptions in the append process. If the append to one of the indexes fails, we potentially truncate the log or re-throw it as an IOException to ensure that the log directory is no longer used.
      2. Even without the unexpected exception, there is a small window during which even an IOException could lead to duplicate offsets. Marking a log directory offline is an asynchronous operation and there is no guarantee that another append cannot happen first. Given this, we probably need to detect and truncate duplicates during the log recovery process.


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