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Support Async Processing in Streams



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      KIP WIP: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/KAFKA/KIP-311%3A+Async+processing+with+dynamic+scheduling+in+Kafka+Streams

      Today Kafka Streams use a single-thread per task architecture to achieve embarrassing parallelism and good isolation. However there are a couple scenarios where async processing may be preferable:

      1) External resource access or heavy IOs with high-latency. Suppose you need to access a remote REST api, read / write to an external store, or do a heavy disk IO operation that may result in high latency. Current threading model would block any other records before this record's done, waiting on the remote call / IO to finish.

      2) Robust failure handling with retries. Imagine the app-level processing of a (non-corrupted) record fails (e.g. the user attempted to do a RPC to an external system, and this call failed), and failed records are moved into a separate "retry" topic. How can you process such failed records in a scalable way? For example, imagine you need to implement a retry policy such as "retry with exponential backoff". Here, you have the problem that 1. you can't really pause processing a single record because this will pause the processing of the full stream (bottleneck!) and 2. there is no straight-forward way to "sort" failed records based on their "next retry time" (think: priority queue).

      3) Delayed processing. One use case is delaying re-processing (e.g. "delay re-processing this event for 5 minutes") as mentioned in 2), another is for implementing a scheduler: e.g. do some additional operations later based on this processed record. based on Zalando Dublin, for example, are implementing a distributed web crawler. Note that although this feature can be handled in punctuation, it is not well aligned with our current offset committing behavior, which always advance the offset once the record has been done traversing the topology.

      I'm thinking of two options to support this feature:

      1. Make the commit() mechanism more customizable to users for them to implement multi-threading processing themselves: users can always do async processing in the Processor API by spawning a thread-poll, e.g. but the key is that the offset to be committed should be only advanced with such async processing is done. This is a light-weight approach: we provide all the pieces and tools, and users stack them up to build their own LEGOs.

      2. Provide an general API to do async processing in Processor API, and take care of the offsets committing internally. This is a heavy-weight approach: the API may not cover all async scenarios, but it is a easy way to cover the rest majority scenarios, and users do not need to worry of internal implementation details such as offsets and fault tolerance.


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