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Refactor build-in StreamsMetrics internal implementations



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      Our current internal implementations of StreamsMetrics and different layered metrics like StreamMetricsThreadImpl, TaskMetrics, NodeMetrics etc are a bit messy nowadays. We could improve on the current situation by doing the following:

      0. For thread-level metrics, refactor the StreamsMetricsThreadImpl class to ThreadMetrics such that a) it does not extend from StreamsMetricsImpl but just include the StreamsMetricsThreadImpl as its constructor parameters. And make its constructor, replacing with a static addAllSensors(threadName) that tries to register all the thread-level sensors for the given thread name.

      1. Add a static function for each of the built-in sensors of the thread-level metrics in ThreadMetrics that relies on the internal StreamsMetricsConventions to get thread level sensor names. If the sensor cannot be found from the internal Metrics registry, create the sensor on-the-fly.

      2.a Add a static removeAllSensors(threadName) function in ThreadMetrics that tries to de-register all the thread-level metrics for this thread, if there is no sensors then it will be a no-op. In StreamThread#close() we will trigger this function; and similarly in `TopologyTestDriver` when we close the driver we will also call this function as well. As a result, the ThreadMetrics class itself would only contain static functions with no member fields at all.

      2.b We can consider doing the same for TaskMetrics, NodeMetrics and NamedCacheMetrics as well, and add a StoreMetrics following the similar pattern: although these metrics are not accessed externally to their enclosing class in the future this may be changed as well.

      3. Then, we only pass StreamsMetricsImpl around between the internal classes, to access the specific sensor whenever trying to record it.


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