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When a Kafka Stream can't communicate with the server, it's Status stays RUNNING



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      KIP WIP: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/KAFKA/KIP-457%3A+Add+DISCONNECTED+status+to+Kafka+Streams

      When you execute the following scenario the application is always in RUNNING state
      1)start kafka
      2)start app, app connects to kafka and starts processing
      3)kill kafka(stop docker container)
      4)the application doesn't give any indication that it's no longer connected(Stream State is still RUNNING, and the uncaught exception handler isn't invoked)
      It would be useful if the Stream State had a DISCONNECTED status.
      See this for a discussion from the google user forum.  This is a link to a related issue.


      Update: there are some discussions on the PR itself which leads me to think that a more general solution should be at the ClusterConnectionStates rather than at the Streams or even Consumer level. One proposal would be:

      • Add a new metric named `failedConnection` in SelectorMetrics which is recorded at `connect()` and `pollSelectionKeys()` functions, upon capture the IOException / RuntimeException which indicates the connection disconnected.
      • And then users of Consumer / Streams can monitor on this metric, which normally will only have close to zero values as we have transient disconnects, if it is spiking it means the brokers are consistently being unavailable indicting the state.

      Yohan123 WDYT?




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