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Improving performance of the function ControllerChannelManager.addUpdateMetadataRequestForBrokers



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      The function ControllerChannelManager.addUpdateMetadataRequestForBrokers should only process the partitions specified in the partitions parameter, i.e. the 2nd parameter, and avoid iterating through the set of partitions in TopicDeletionManager.partitionsToBeDeleted.


      Here is why the current code can be a problem:

      The number of partitions-to-be-deleted stored in the field TopicDeletionManager.partitionsToBeDeleted can become quite large under certain scenarios. For instance, if a topic a0 has dead replicas, the topic a0 would be marked as ineligible for deletion, and its partitions will be retained in the field TopicDeletionManager.partitionsToBeDeleted for future retries.
      With a large set of partitions in TopicDeletionManager.partitionsToBeDeleted, if some replicas in another topic a1 needs to be transitioned to OfflineReplica state, possibly because of a broker going offline, a call stack listed as following will happen on the controller, causing a iteration of the whole partitions-to-be-deleted set for every single affected partition.

          controller.topicDeletionManager.partitionsToBeDeleted.foreach(partition => updateMetadataRequestPartitionInfo(partition, beingDeleted = true))
          inside a for-loop for each partition 

      How to reproduce the problem:
      1. Cretae a cluster with 2 brokers having id 1 and 2
      2. Create a topic having 10 partitions and deliberately assign the replicas to non-existing brokers, i.e.
      ./bin/kafka-topics.sh --zookeeper localhost:2181 --create --topic a0 --replica-assignment `echo -n 3:4; for i in \`seq 9\`; do echo -n ,3:4; done`

      3. Delete the topic and cause all of its partitions to be retained in the field TopicDeletionManager.partitionsToBeDeleted, since the topic has dead replicas, and is ineligible for deletion.

      ./bin/kafka-topics.sh --zookeeper localhost:2181 --delete --topic a0

      4.Verify that the following log message shows up 10 times in the controller.log file, one line for each partition in topic a0: "Leader not yet assigned for partition [a0,..]. Skip sending UpdateMetadataRequest."

      5. Create another topic a1 also having 10 partitions, i.e.
      ./bin/kafka-topics.sh --zookeeper localhost:2181 --create --topic a1 --replica-assignment `echo -n 1:2; for i in \`seq 9\`; do echo -n ,1:2; done`

      6. Verify that the log message in step 4 appears 100 more times (). This is because we have the following stack trace: 
      inside a for-loop for each create response   

      In general, if n partitions have already been accumulated in the partitionsToBeDeleted variable, and a new topic is created with m partitions, m * n log messages above will be generated.

      7. Kill the broker 2 and cause the replicas on broker 2 to be transitioned to OfflineReplica state on the controller.
      8. Verify that the following log message in step 4 appears another 210 times. This is because
      a. During controlled shutdown, the function KafkaController.doControlledShutdown calls replicaStateMachine.handleStateChanges to transition all the replicas on broker 2 to OfflineState. That in turn generates 100 (10 x 10) entries of the logs above.
      b. When the broker zNode is gone in ZK, the function KafkaController.onBrokerFailure calls KafkaController.onReplicasBecomeOffline to transition all the replicas on broker 2 to OfflineState. And this again generates 100 (10 x 10) logs above.
      c. At the bottom of the the function onReplicasBecomeOffline, it calls sendUpdateMetadataRequest (given the partitionsWithoutLeader is empty), which generates 10 logs, one for each partition in the a0 topic.

      In general, when we have n partitions accumulated in the variable partitionsToBeDeleted, and a broker with m partitions becomes offline, up to 2 * m * n + n logs could be generated.

      Performance improvement benchmark: if we perform the steps above with topic a0 having 5000 partitions, and topic a1 having 5000 partitions, when broker 2 goes down, it takes the controller ~4 minutes to go through controlled shutdown, detect the broker failure through zookeeper, and transition all replicas to OfflineReplica state. After applying the patch, the same process takes 23 seconds.

      The testing done:
      After applying the patch in this RB, I've verified that by going through the steps above, broker 2 going offline NO LONGER generates log entries for the a0 partitions.
      Also I've verified that topic deletion for topic a1 still works fine.


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