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Avoid creating changelog topics for state stores that are materialized from a source topic

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      Today Streams make all state stores to be backed by a changelog topic by default unless users overrides it by disableLogging when creating the state store / materializing the KTable. However there are a few cases where a separate changelog topic would not be required as we can re-use an existing topic for that. A few examples:

      There are a few places where the materialized store do not need a separate changelog topic. This issue summarize a specific issue:

      1) If a KTable is read directly from a source topic, and is materialized i.e.

      table1 = builder.table("topic1", "store1")`.

      In this case table1's changelog topic can just be topic1, and we do not need to create a separate table1-changelog topic.

      2) if a KStream is materialized for joins where the streams are directly from a topic, e.g.:

      stream1 = builder.stream("topic1");
      stream2 = builder.stream("topic2");
      stream3 = stream1.join(stream2, windows);  // stream1 and stream2 are materialized with a changelog topic


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